Bespoke Screens

We are specialists in the manufacturing and installation of bespoke protective sneeze guard screens for all types of commercial purposes. From healthcare providers, to customer-facing retail shops, we can work with your specifications to help create a safe and COVID-free working environment for your staff and clients.

Our screens are made from acrylic (Perspex is available), 100% transparent and durable. The protective screens can be made into various shapes to meet with your unique requirements; they can be fitted on a desk, on a wall, on skyhooks, or the floor (as freestanding).

Our bespoke solutions are completely tailored to your needs. The screen is 100% transparent and as such will not limit meaningful interactions between staff and clients, but will act as a barrier to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 particles during talking, sneezing or exhalation.


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We can manufacture screens to fit your unique requirement and setting; they can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes based on your specifications. We are able to provide an all in one service which includes manufacturing, dispatch/delivery and installation of the protective acrylic screens at your workplace location.

Made-to-measure protective desk screens that fully cover the desk, ensuring comprehensive protection for employees. Allowances for base cut-outs can also be made to allow for physical handing-off exchange. Our team will also provide installation, delivering an all-in-one service.

We can work with your unique specifications, and as such, we are on hand and happy to do on-site visits to access your requirements and advise you on your specifications.